Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Thomas J Sendek
Affiliation: Financial Adviser

August 25, 2010

Throughout the 14 years that I have been a licensed financial adviser I have seen the amount of suitability increase dramatically through my broker dealer. This is a good thing. Having someone look over my shoulder to make sure any and all new acounts and account changes are in the best interest of my clients. The suitability checks are at times time consuming for myself. My clients often ask why so much paperwork is involved in opening up a new account especially a Variable Annuity. I know it is to make sure we know our client. And that is part of how I describe it to them. Increased scrutiny will make my job harder, more time consuming and inhibit me from helping more people. More compliance for those of us that are doing what is right for our clients is not necessary.
Thank You.