Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Sheila R McCampbell, CFP CLU ChFC
Affiliation: Wealth Mgmt Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

July 30, 2010

I'm already a fiduciary, but feel this standard unfairly and unreasonably inposes an unproductive add'l level of supervision and liability on the 'typical, average' seller of financial products, most of whom do an adequate job of determining needs, making a recommendation, and servicing the business.

Could it be better? Yes. Could the typical Consumer take a more active, informed and responsible role in their own financial security planning? YES. And if we'd quit bailing out bad decision-making and taking wealth away from those who HAVE done so to pay for it and the various and gorwing entitlement programs, instead showing folks hw to plan for themselves (or yes, making them do it) we'd have come a long way.

The degree of compliance and regulation at both the state and federal levels is already stifling..I could help twice as many people if not forever covering my rear, taking CE classes over and above what I already do, and paying fees for the privilege of helping people act in their own best interest. ENOUGH

This law as it stands will assure fewer of us can afford to help the 'common man'. Next you'll be forcing us to work with 'x' number of people who can't pay us (which we already do, by the way)