Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Gregory S Anderson, CLU
Affiliation: Sr. Financial Representative, Northwestern Mutual Life

July 30, 2010

Some anticipated results from the Dodd Frank bill to impose fuduciary responcibility on all people selling financial products
1) Many agents like myself will resign from the business becouse the incresed cost of compliance will be too excessive to allow me to continue sevicing my clients.
2) No agent will service my clients becouse it will be too expensive .
3) Agents will have to start charging fees for everything they do, including changing beneficiaries on policies.
4)The only people who will get service on products will be the wealthy becouse no one will be able to afford to service middle income and poor people.
5)The laws currently on the books are more than sufficiant to protect the consumer. In 40 years in the business I have never had a complaint against me. Now you want to put me out of business to protect my clients from me and leave them out in the cold with no service.