Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Charles T Boster

August 24, 2010

I am a Registered Representative in a small farming community. I spend many hours every year trying to stay compliant with all the current regulations. I find it a huge challenge to keep up with all the new regulations and help my clients with their needs. More regulation means less time to spend helping my clients understand the markets and what they mean for their financial independence.
My clients have no idea how much time is required to keep in compliance. The forms I am required to fill out every month do nothing to help my clients stay protected. They only take away from the time I could be spend to learn more about the markets and how my clients can benefit from them.
If I go to a fee based situation, it would require more time and expense for myself and very few of the people in this area could afford to pay me for my services. Most are struggling to have enough to set aside for retirement investments.
Maybe it is time to consider what is really helping or hurting the people. More bearuacracy means less freedom and less investment capital. What is it we are really trying to accomplish? Put everyone in a bubble of protection, or allow people to live and make their own decisions?
Maybe it is time to say enough is enough. We can only protect so much. Isn't it about time everyone started being responsible for their own actions? Let's treat everyone else the way we would want to be treated, not how we think someone might cheat us.

C. Tracy Boster