Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Scott A Wolf
Affiliation: Managing Director, Northwestern Mutual

August 24, 2010

Best- What's in the best interest of the client? The least expensive? The most cost efficient long term? The best gross return? The vagueness of the definition. or lack thereof presents a number of issues. An obvious one is the open ended opportunity for anyone to sue or be sued, without regard for fact, since there is nothing definitive as to what is 'best'. Additionally, the cost of doing business has risen dramatically during my career, much of this due to compliance and licensing requirments. Make no mistake, I am for protecting the client, doing the right thing for them given their objectives, and preserving our ability to work with our clients for many years to come. I am concerned that this can open the door to a number of veteran, bright, highly experienced advisors leaving this great industry. This would be disastrous, as our clients need us now more than ever. It is evident that the public is starving for a relationship with someone who can help them solve their needs. Reconsider the vague language of the proposed bill. Use a scalpel, not an axe, and our industry and the American public will be better off for it. Than you for your consideration. Scott Wolf