Subject: File No. 4-606
From: chiu tsen Lu - Coberly
Affiliation: Registered Representative

August 24, 2010

The liabilityes of fiduciary duty could impact my business so much because
1. most my client when they rollover their 401k or IRA, they might just lost the job, how can they have extra cash to pay for the fee.
2. How they define "the best interest" to client. Lower premium or better plan for the future? Many client of mine are
3. I will not stay on the business if Liability is too much. since I have couple clients complain the policy was not right to them but it end up they were already told what was this policy about 10 years ago by agent and the note was written in their policy that they did not even read. Clients could very irresponsible, un-ethical, or blaimful for their own mistake.
4. many clients are so happy to have whole life policy for years, because now they can withdraw the cash value from their account for emergency. if they took Term life before, they might already spend the different, not save the money.
5. if it was fee base only for my business, then other industry should be done the same, why target our business only.