Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Larry A Dietz, CLU, ChFC

August 24, 2010


You have and will continue to receive lenghty, legitimate commentary on the subject of future regulation. Mine is brief. After 32 years in the industry I can attest to the continued, stringent regulation that is enforced on both registered representatives and financial advisors. Both parts of this equation provide valuable service to their clientele in a manner that is unequaled by any other professional body, albeit often from different perspectives. The bottom line is that the public needs the judgement and expertise that each offers, and the public needs to have the opportunity to choose that which best fits them without unnecessary, burdensome regulation that can't possibly anticipate all of its unintended consequences. Leave the system as it is while continuing to work with the existing regulatory bodies to focus on the consumer issues that each body finds most troublesome.

Larry A Dietz, CLU, ChFC