Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Peter Acquaro, JR

August 24, 2010

I am extremely concerned about the new proposed regulations and restrictions. Our industry is already among the most highly regulated industries, and because of a few bad seeds who made extremely poor judgment decisions and actions the rest of us have had to work hard to endured the wrath of public, consumers, prospects and clients and now the wrath of the government. Most of us are ethical, morally responsible people who want to help clients grow and protect their assets. The more regulations we have the less time we have to help those families and business reach their financial plans and protect them from potentially disastrous futures. As a candidate who ran in a local city council race in 2009, I feel very strongly that the government is getting to big, and it will not be able to effectively operate all imposed regulations and industries it has taken on. I have worked hard to obtain the existing licenses and I have and am a continual student of this industry, products, and services. I have no ill will to any of my accomplishments that my studies thus far have awarded me, but I believe these new proposals are bit to restricting and punishing, on those of us who have conduct our selves and our business within the existing stringent regulations. I implore those of you who are in power to make a decision to reconsider and enforce existing rules and regulations, rather than adding layers and new regulations.