Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Robert D Dollar
Affiliation: Modern Woodmen of America

August 24, 2010

we as registered reps are complianced to death now. We have firm element, we have to hold and maintain certain files, we take test after test. I am 6 and 63 licensed and State Variable. I don't make enough to pay my lic. fees every year now I have to have , if I have help, them finger printed, I spend hours filing paper work and our company has to constantly change something to be compliant. Enough with the Government in our lives, we just need to inforce the rules in place. You add up the time spent and the fee's paid, I go in the hole each year, but I like keep the options open for my clients, because I always want to do whats BEST for them. When Government raises prices, the consumer ends up paying.