Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Peter L. Borowski, Mr.
Affiliation: Financial Planner for 33 years

August 24, 2010

Sirs, I wish to state that my activities and as a financial planner are currently regulated and overseen to the point that I wonder if I will be able to continue to serve my clients We have enough rules already in place, we do not need more just enforcement of those already in place. Where was the SEC when Bernie Mayholf was reported to them 4 TIMES to tell them what he was doing was a scam before his scam exployed? Had they taken action and not looked the other way this crook would have been caught and his investors perhaps saved from lossing there life time of savings Should we talk about the wire houses and Freddie Mack and Fanny May? Where was that in place oversight at that level?

Tell them to stop trying to catch minnos and start looking at the elephants

Don't pass more regulation it is clearly not the answer.

Peter L. Borowski CRFA,CSA,RHU,LUTCF.