Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Amy D La Grange

August 24, 2010

Re: effectiveness of regulations governing broker-dealers and investment advisers.

We are regulated enough, I am againist this fiducary responsibility on Reg. Rep's.

This may have a negitive impact upon my business:
Some of the things I need to consider are:

The liabilities of a fiduciary duty could effect my costs and my ability to serve your clients.
Will I be forced to a fee only model to protect myself from liability?
Will moving to a fee-only model result in better, unbiased advice?
Can my clients afford to pay up front fees or will they be willing to?
Will the liabilities drive up my errors and omissions coverage?
Will I stay in the business if liabilities become too great?

This regulation does not sound in the best interest of my clients.