Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Francisco Correa, Jr.
Affiliation: Personal Financial Representative with Allstate

July 30, 2010

The suitability standards now heavily enforce and are very protective for everyone involved. We have to meet and review the clients ability with the right product for them. I presently hold both a series 63 and 6 for registered products and have a property and casualty license and life and health. We have to be continually training and validation to maintain current understanding of the industry. We are examined at least twice a year and on every transaction submitted for suitability and having the highest standards.
Having all this requirements does prevent quality time with client. Having a fee-base model with not help the customer since bundling all products will create mass confusion and ultimely discourage the need for the investment. As Liabilities increase and the opportunity to stay in business diminish, I will probably not stay in business.

Do not allow us to be govern as a fee based, we are better able to serve clients by commission base.