Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Cynthia Jo Johns

August 23, 2010

Most of us in the industry operate from an integrity perspective based on christian faith which our country was founded on. Imposing excessive regulation does not accomplish what you intend. We have full time staff that do nothing but help us maintain government compliance. Those of us( in the majority) do nothing except what will be of benefit for our clients and to help them achieve their goals. Yes, we make a little money along the way in service to others. Every business on the planet is in business to provide a service and at least break even or none of us would be in business. Law suits do nothing to help promote honesty. Many of the people that bring lawsuits due so because they are unable to accept personal responsibility for their decisions and must blaim someone and must make someone else pay for their lot in life. I truly pray that you all think twice about more regulation. Many of us will simply have to close our office because it is simply to overwhelming to manage the regulation. That will be a sad day, Please do not add more regulation. There will always be some unscrupulous folks who take advantage of others, but punishing the majority is not the anwser.