Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Stephen R. McNeely, Mr.
Affiliation: CLU, ChFC

August 22, 2010

I have been in the financial services for over 45 years. Many of my clients are now third generation. I have seen many changes to our industry since I began. Some of the changes have been good and some have not. My biggest concern is the amount of regulatory paperwork that is now necessary to remain in business. Most of the regulations that have been forced upon us amount to nothing more than senseless forms to fill out and endless privacy notices which we are required to mail.

One thing that I hope does not come about is a fee only means of doing business. Many of my clients put as little as $50.00 away each month. It makes no sense to charge them a fee. My daughter, Juli McNeely, joined company 15 years ago. A good share of her client base is also made up of small monthly contributors. We would not be able to give these clients the service they need to start putting money away for retirement if we had to charge them a fee.

Quite honestly, I dont think we need any more regulations. We are regulated by our state insurance commission, and by FINRA. I have always operated my business with the highest ethical standards.

Stephen R. McNeely
Registered Rep.