Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Thomas L Wilkinson
Affiliation: President, Heritage Financial Services, LLC

August 16, 2010

"Comments Attached"
We have plenty of laws on the books now to safeguard consumers, what we need to do is enforce what we now have and not add additional layers of bureaucracy. Apply the rules we now have universally to all without exception and you'll eliminate 90% of the abuses. In the end more rules and regulations will increase the cost to the consumer during a time when the consumer and the economy don't need that to happen.

Please be carful that the solution to a perceived problem doesn't in the end case more problems, increase the cost of doing business and in the end cost the consumer far more that any benefits that might come to them.

The proposed changes are not what we need. What we need is consistent enforcement of existing regulations which in the end will reduce abuses and keep the cost to the consumer at a reasonable level.

Thank you for considering my thoughts.

Tom Wilkinson, President
Heritage Financial Services, LLC