Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Ian Miller
Affiliation: Attorney

August 15, 2010

It is imperative that there be greater transparency around the deals on Wall Street. First off, what is going on with the Dead Presidents deal of Morgan Stanley and Libertas? We can never let this happen again. Morgan Stanley's roster reads like a who's who of FRAUD, plain and simple. We need NAMES. We need ARRESTS. We cannot trust our nation's financial wellbeing in the hands of these crooks and daylight robbers. We need for the top 200 executives at each of the largest banks to step down and make way for honesty and integrity. It's not like they will be hard up for money if they lose THEIR jobs And they have enough homes so they can huddle in one of their mansions. No amount of legislation will work if the same players are controlling this great nation's destiny. A lot of them are not even American born citizens. It also sounds like it was the same people at Morgan Stanley that were repeatedly involved in all allegations from 2005-now. And they are STILL at the bank - they need to be OUSTED. Take away all the gains they made in the 90's and 2000's so far - this has been brewing for a while. It's time they returned all that money into the system and stopped screwing over shareholders and investors when declaring a loss but pocketing huge sums of money for themselves. And such lame arguments from this so called pool of 'talent' on Wall Street. Oh and stop screwing over nuns, for Heaven's sakes. Do they have no one else to pick on? They structured and sold some of the worst products and 'timed' it to their advantage. And now want Bloxham to take the fall. Legislation cannot work if the same people are at the banks - they have GOT to go