Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Jara L Carlson
Affiliation: Registered Rep. with Farmers Financial Services

August 12, 2010

If you require more regulation on this already stringent regulated service I provide you will force me to get out of providing this service to my client. It is already a huge risk for the size of my agency and if I were to be sued i would lose my job that I have worked for many years to grow. It also makes it difficult to provide good customer service with all of this regulation. Suitability standards currently governing broker-dealers and registered representatives are already stringent and heavily enforced. Current regulations already provide strong and appropriate consumer safeguards.

#9650 Requiring compliance with 'fiduciary standards' will drive many advisers out of the market and eliminate a valuable advisory resource to consumers, especially in middle- and lower-income markets.

#9650 Additional risk of lawsuits involving registered representatives will increase costs to consumers.

#9650 Driving every registered representative to fee-only compensation will not necessarily result in better, unbiased advice for the consumer