Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Bradford J Maier, LUTCF

August 11, 2010

I am totally against any additional regulation. As it stands right now, the small business person has been cast aside because of problems that seem to be occuring in the large companies. Excessive bonuses and rewards are given to the top executives who need to be monitored the most by the SEC. Look what happened with Bernie Madoff, why doesn't the SEC spend more time watching over these situations? Each problem should be addressed one at a time and corrected without having to make a new rule for each situation.

More regulation makes it impoosible for the small busenss person to compete. America was built by small business people. Small businesses employ the most people and keep the local communities alive and flourishing.

Govenment control and increased regulation has done nothing but destroy the American economy. How about someone looking into the banking industry who has been getting all kinds of bail out money and low intrest money. The banking industryis able tocharge their customers "Maffia Loan Shark Rates" on credit cards and holding back on mortgages etc. They are supposed to be helping people stay in thier homes and help prevent foeclosure, but that doesn't even exist. The banking industry is getting away virtually with murder every single day, ripping off American citizens, only to reward the highest executives with absolutly redicoulous bonuses for ripping off John Q Public. Look what has happened, many banks merged or failwed and were bought up making Megabanks such as Chase, Citibank and a real laugh Bank of America who should be ashamed of having America in their name for the way they treat the American Public. The competion is dwindling rapidly.

The regulation placed on the banking industry can only serve as a fantastic example of how the public will loose out by being charged higher fees and have less professionals to turn to for help. The more regulation the less honest people will want to be in the security business.

I think it's high time to fix the problems at the top. Stop making a new rule every time some idiot ripped people off and go after the individual and not the entire industry.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this most important matter.

Bradford J Maier
Andersson Associates Insurance
(631) 587-7771