Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Mack H Rideout, CLU,LUTCF,CLTC

August 11, 2010

Charging a fee to fill out paperwork to meet compliance before recommending the purchase of a policy in addition to the application for a policy will not change my recommending only top rated insurance companies. It only adds additional time and expense to the consumer and myself and my staff. Then we still need to get the policy approved to get paid.

The public is not purchasing enough life insurance as it is ... read the obituary page in your local newspaper and notice how many "in lieu of flowers make a donation to XYZ Bank or Credit Union in behalf of the family" That tells me they didn't have enough or any life insurance.

If they didn't have any was it because they were not contacted (National Do Not Call List) didn't want or couldn't afford it and now you want to incumber them with having to pay a fee before purchasing it? They could buy term at a 1-800 number avoid a fee..avoid a professional agent offering alternative plans to meet their objectives, and have the do it yourself insurance. Is this really the best answer

Young buyers won't pay a fee because of tight finances, and don't purchase unless contacted by an insurance professional.

The insurance department of Utah, as do other states requires continuing education in order to renew licenses in addition to the anti-money laundering test each year.

I've been serving my clients since 1965, a Life Member of the Million Dollar Round Table and have paid many claims... and not once have I had a check turned down that I delivered to a beneficiary.

Hope this will help you in your decision.


Mack H. Rideout