Subject: File No. 4-606
From: David Jensen, MBA, FIC

August 9, 2010

I am strongly opposed to this study and trust that the powers that be understand all the issues that this deals with. I have been in the industry for about 3 years and have been able to slowly build a business that is able to support my family. I have done this by following the rules and working hard for my clients and making sure that whatever I recommend to them is in their best interest.

I understand that if this fudiciary standard goes into affect, it will be next to impossible to be able to run my business. I already spend about 6 hours per week dealing with compliance related activities and by adding another level of regulation could criple our industry.

I do not do any fee based planning but I am studying to take the CFP exam in July 2011. 95% of the clients I serve would not pay for fee based services and 100% currently understand the way I get compensated. Please do your due diligence in learning how this change will affect so many advisors who rely on that type of business model.

Thank you,

Dave Jensen