Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Derek D Bohne - CLU, ChFC
Affiliation: Account Executive - The Harford

August 9, 2010

Dear SEC,
I am writing as a very concerned citizen and financial professional about the proposed fiduciary standard on all Registered Representatives. I oppose the idea that a fiduciary standard" will protect my clients better. The current FINRA suitability standard currently governing my activities and all other broker dealers is more than sufficient I do not want nor think we need any more compliance. I know of many Registered Representatives that have already dropped their licenses because of time consuming and redundant compliance and regulatory oversight. Enough is enough, let us do our jobs and help our clients. More compliance will cost us all. Cost us in time and money. I have never charge a fee to any of my clients and never plan do. Most of them would not pay it if I asked and then what? Who do they go to for help and advice? Where do they get the help to make informed decisions about the options they have? Who is to say what best interest is? Is it the hottest mutual fund? Next year it will be the worst - Is the cheapest insurance policy? Next year the company will raise its rates and they may be uninsurable. Was this in their best interest? If the only thing I can give them is what is best" at the moment, were will all the competition be? Out of business and then the one that was "best" at the time, will have a monopoly. Good by free enterprise. This is a very dangerous proposal. Let honest advisors and informed clients work it out. If the clients dont like what I am proposing they are free to walk across the street and talk to someone else. What is best? What is best is to help us do our jobs, no load us down with more rules and paperwork. We need good companies and good products. Let the Free Enterprise System work. I oppose strongly the Fiduciary Standard. Dont force me to charge fees and dont force me to do what someone else tell me is the "best".

Derek D. Bohne CLU, ChFC