Subject: File No. 4-605
From: Matt Silva

January 8, 2011

These are comments in regards to a petition for rulemaking change.

I strongly urge the SEC to consider this petition as it would dramatically increase opportunities for small business to raise much-needed capital, particularly in this time of credit crunches and high need.

As a student of urban planning and economic development, I've had a great interest in seeing America's cities live up to their fullest potential. There are no shortage of plans to bring urban commercial corridors and inner cities back to life, but instead there is a noticeable lack of capital to do it. However, myself and many others know that there are individuals who are willing to literally invest in their neighborhoods should they be given the opportunity to do so. This petition would afford them that right.

Please consider this change, and themonumentalimpact it would have on the economic viability of our country.

Thank you,
Matt Silva