Subject: File No. 4-602
From: Gerard M Evans
Affiliation: Proprietary Trader

June 29, 2010

Please consider this link in support of my suggestions that Goldman Sachs and other large financial organizations are being permitted to legally front run the investments of millions of investors worldwide.

The blog reproduces the terms and conditions of operating the Goldman Sachs trading platform known as RediPlus and offers the blatant admission that Goldman Sachs uses its own client's trading information to front run those trades to the detriment of those traders. To rub salt in this wound...they charge those clients a hefty commission for the privelige of having trades intercepted and front run.

This peeking at cards in order to place their own bets is why Goldman and others can run up unbroken profitable trading records. It is unconscionable, outright theft that has been sanctioned by the SEC and needs changing now.