Subject: File No. 4-602
From: Serdar Alpar

June 4, 2010

Why would big money invest in this scam you guys run?

When there is aboslutely no liquidity , when it can randomly drop 1000 points on little volume?


Slow down the market.

1 second to cancel all bids and offers.

Eliminate subpennying all together, or make everyone be able to sub penny.

elominate flash orders and ability of the select few to see order flow mili seconds before the majority.

Uptick rule.

When you trade, you must carry risk (which these superfast arbitrage algos do not). What risk they do not carry , all other investors not on same level do. They force investors into paying more for stock, not less, by forcing them into constant liquidity taking situations. They front run investors with subpenny ,flash orders, order flow.

It might take some time to get the liquidity back into these markets, but they will slowly come. Markets will slowly recover from the nightmare it is living today. Big money will return , confident that 1000 point drops on no volume are a thing of the past.

Right now the markets are going the way of FAS and FAZ (2 directional etfs ,one bull, one bear, both heading perpetualy to 0 because of extreme arbitrage).

It is your livelyhood as well as mine that is at stake.

Do something about this corrupt system. Only you have the power while we sit here helpless.

Its time to take back our markets.