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The following Letter Type A, or variations thereof, was submitted by individuals or entities.

Letter Type A:

Ms. Mary Schapiro
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission 100 F Street, NE Washington, DC 20549
Re: Securities Licensing/Registration Exemption for Main Street Business Brokers

Dear Ms. Schapiro:

I support the letter of Jonathan M. (Mike) Millerdated October 17, 2009, and the MEMO of attorney John C. Willems to the TABB, Inc. Board of Directors dated August 11, 2009 advocating for a securities registration/licensing exemption for mainstreet business brokers. Further,f support the Securities Transfer Exemption Parameters that were attached to Mr. Miller's letter and are also attached to this letter.

Please help small business owners and buyers by formulating a rule adopting the attached Securities Transfer Exemption Parameters for Main Street Business Brokers.



Modified: 03/30/2011