Subject: File No. 4-590
From: John L Foley
Affiliation: private investor

December 10, 2009

please stop/ban Naked Short selling and enforce "failure to deliver rules. check out FUQI today - and for the last month or so. Clear manipulation. It was already on database of failure to deliver - then look at this morning, Dec 10th.

FUQI in list of Failure to deliver for 13 days - yesterday. Well, look at todays action. Suddenly more than 2 million 4.5x yesterdays volume coming in a huge flurry of SELL orders this morning.

This stock was already overdue to fulfill all the outstanding failure to deliver stocks they sold. This is absolutely theft. Why do you listen to Goldman Sachs and others when they claim there is some economic value to thiswhich is only true if one supports continued growth of inequality.

Piracytheftyou choose the nameyou know what it is. Stop it. Please.