Subject: File No. 4-590
From: john baker
Affiliation: trader

January 27, 2010

to whom it may concern

do you have any idea how you appear to the investing public?

What is really happening with this roundtable is the public gets a revealing look at the thiefs who stole their their phoney protestations of "market fairness" they show themselves the we know were to look when it all crumbles....

They simply overpowered the market with a relentless supply of huge sell orders...the removal of the uptick rule UNLEASHED THE SUPER WEALTHY on the market...what took hours to fight its way up took ten minutes to come down..

what is being overlooked about the taking away of the uptick rule is that without it it empowers the big hedge funds to act without fear and use their greater resources to overpower a stock or the it meets stiffening support on the way down all they do is apply GREATER PRESSURE with even larger orders...ten thousand offered at 50? at 48 it is now twenty thousand offered...look at the volume fighures of the stocks that got hammered...people or instituions trying to protect their positions with big buy orders were greeted with even more relentless selling...the bid - offer battles were tremendous...but the selling eventually overwhelmed them...and if they, the sellers, did lose at a price, relentless selling was armed and waiting at a little higher price...unable to match the wealthy sellers resources soon the stock was back down and the buyer's will depleted and the feasting begun...

this was helped/compounded by the false rumors and spreading of negative data by various publications (who were short) and web sites out of proportion to the events and if the data came out favorable then a spin was put on it to make it temporary...these websites and publications actually chortled with glee as we burned...not only do we need the uptick rule but the sec should create a division for rumor spreading and biased reporting...first to be examined should be the publications that began twisting the positive data toward negative right after the uptick rule was changed...they began to create the negative enviornemt that turned companies from gung ho to worried and as the relentless negativity took hold to start laying off workers and THAT was what STARTED the mortage melt down...

also Barney Frank's relationship with Chris Cox needs to be investiated...they are friends, co-authored a bill during the Clinton administration....(look it up) Barneys' chief donors? Brown Bothers Harriman....CBOE, CME, etc...what are stock market sellers doing on his donor list...because it was Barney Frank, using his influence with Cox that had the rule changed and he revealed himself when he suddenly appeared out of nowhere and said the rule was going to be changed back...why Barney Frank? that isn't suspicious? and the market bottomed the next day...his donors had a lot to do with the short selling according to the time line...and we should find out if they had advance knowledge of the troubles in Barney's sector, the mortage industry. Why would Frank be involved with the stock market? Its not his domain at all...It was his irresponsible (on purpose?) oversight that caused a major part of the collapse...I predicted to friends that Frank was a major player(villian) and lo, his announcement bottomed the market...and there he was trying to divert attention away from his short selling buddies and placing it on the executive bonuses on Wall Street...Shummer also diverted attention and it is well know his major donors are also the hedge was a master plan, well it stands now with the recent strike down by the Supreme Court of the illegality of corprate donor money and the stock market debacle my faith in America has crumbled....these roundtable people who are smoozing you were after the banks, trying to short sell them so low so they could start a panic and and a run and when everything fell apart and the market collapsed their wealthy clients could pick up the pieces for pennies on the dollar...and have their heels on the necks of the average American...high unemployment is also a benefit to their plan helping to bring down it stands America seems on the path of hard times but eventually the oppressed populice will storm the castles and put on trial these evil traitors and this commission will go down in infamy, your reputations ruined beyond all repair because of your cowardly, sell out are ignoring (whitewashing)the obvious so one can only surmise you are corrupt or have enourmous pressure being put on you by the powers that really count...either way you are fooling no one with this charade