Subject: File No. 4-588
From: Jeff Jacobsen

September 12, 2009

All this equates to for me is this. More rules and regulations that are not going to be enforced upon anyone other that the small investor. Remove all of the rules and regulations and START OVER with the SEC being the policing agency, and the ctfc as the watchdog. Remove all lobby, special interest and remove all regulations that were at the request of Phil Gramm and others since 1999. Go BACK TO WHAT WORKS.

The people are mad, and are speaking out about constitutional conventions, and a continental congress. Watch how the town hall meetings are playing out across the country. Market Makers and Big Business cannot be the only entities allowed to capitalize on stocks and commodities. And it is geared for them. We the individual investor, or retail investor are sick and tired of financing all this off our backs.

The enron loophole is such a conspiracy that does defraud the people of the world. The lack of anyone doing anything about this in 9 years tells the world that we are corrupt. No wonder so many countries and religions of the world hate us.

We need to return to a financial system that is based on THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE AND OF THE PEOPLE. Not the elite few at the top. Right now, ALL government agencies are getting the cold shoulder. I fear we are heading towards a revolution, and it is avoidable. BY YOUR actions.You know the difference between right and wrong. The stock market is in dire need of policing, start policing all the way to the top. Take the rules for retail investors and apply them to market makers.

We the people want more visibility and less transparency for everyone on the stock market. Uptick needs to be WHOLLY reinstated, As does the enron loophole need to be removed at once. No more DTCC. It is beyond CORRUPT. The DTCC is beyond reproach, and I for one want to see it removed and taken apart, and each individual investigated for treason, and financial espionage against the people of the world.

All you do by prolonging this is tell the American people that you have as much guilt in this as Senator Phil Gramm.

As a registered voter, more and more people are turning away from the government leaders, and starting to listen to anyone who makes any sense to them. Be a smart leader. Do the right thing.

Above all else, be careful. One day I may run for another elected position. And the oversight committee you face, might just have me on it.