Subject: File No. 4-581
From: Joanne Tomczak

May 5, 2009

Take Sen. Kaufman's advice on short selling..I am retired
and very reluctant with the market. I have a finacial adv.
and I am at the point I want to decrease my participation
in the market to 0. My friends and family have the same
sentiments and views on this situation. I thought with a new administration the situation would certainly change.
The small investor needs a fair playing ground when entering the market. I was very impressed with the knowledge Sen. Kaufman possesses about this issue and wants to protect the shareholders. In the past the SEC did not do their job and now it is time to step and be a leader nationally and globally. Do the right thing for the
people of the United States. I believe in integity and doing the job with honesty (is the position the SEC should take) will permit us to feel better with the investment world.