Subject: File No. 4-581
From: Paul R Kersten, Ph.D
Affiliation: Ekectronics Engineer

May 4, 2009

Dear Sir:

Please restore the UPTICK rule is a form that is
viable for this economy. Perhaps an uptick of
at least $0.25.

Short selling has been abused and has destroyed
personal fortunes and the retirement funds for many
a citizen. Some short sellers ignore
the step of getting a committment of a stock before
the sell it (naked shorts) or find other ways around
it through ETF instruments. This behavior is
undermining the faith in the capital markets for the
little guy - like me.

Unfettered markets takes us back to the robber barons.

Please regulate the markets so it is fair for everyone,
otherwise, no one will bother with the markets again.

Regards - Paul