Subject: File No. 4-567
From: Damon P Jenkins
Affiliation: Connotate Technologies

October 7, 2008

In order for the SEC and finanical organizations to effectively modernize the Disclosure System. It will be imperative for the SEC to utilize new non-programmable Web 2.0 technologies for automating the monitoring, alerting, collection, and delivery of content in near real-time. Several financial organizations have moved to an "Agent Based technology" which automates the manual process of data monitoring, alerting, collection, and delivery of content. The Intelligent Agent model is a COTS solution that does not require development or numerous amounts of on-site contractor application development. A non-technical end user can utilize the technology within a matter of minutes. They create agents on the various data sources of interest to them (e.g. ODBC databases, internal applications, blogs, wiki's, websites, RSS feeds, etc.) for both internal and external information.

In addition, the return on investment can be recognized within a matter of months and the cost effective capability of Intelligent Agents make it easier to fit within tightening budgets.

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