Subject: Regarding file 4-557, NIPC rule petition Customer Account Rule

April 13, 2008

As an investor, I am appalled that the SEC is not actively enforcing securities law Reg SHO requirements of the T + 3 settlement requirements and is currently considering worsening the current situation by adopting rule 10b-21. As clearly stated in the NIPC's rule petition, the SEC's proposed rule would violate Section 6 (b)(5) of the Securities Exchange act that prohibits unfairly discriminating against investors as well as illegally redefine my stock securities.

Proposed rule 10b-21 would effectively authorize redefining my actual ownership of stock (securities) that were issued by corporations to now be merely ownership of "securities entitlements" as defined by the UCC. I do not want UCC-defined securities in my account, but insist upon the stock securities -- as issued by the underlying corporations -- that I purchased be defined by federal securities laws. That is, that these securities continue to be defined as current securities obligations and NOT less-valuable undated futures contracts as would be the case with proposed rule 10b-21's UCC-defined T+3 "securities entitlements".

Thank you for your prompt action to adopt the National Investors Protection Coalitions's rule petition file 4-557's recommendations.


Larry Greco