Subject: File No. 4-557
From: Arun V. Someshwar, Ph. D.

April 10, 2008

What comments are you looking for ?

It is plain as daylight...

If I buy a share in a company, I assume that in any civilized country the share is not a counterfeit one, that indeed in the absence of a paper certificate as in the old days I facilitate the government and the SEC by agreeing to hold my shares in electronic form, but legitimate nevertheless...

It is too much to ask that the SEC make sure I am hanging on to a legitimate share and not a counterfeit one ?

When multiple times the available float in many companies trade every day, does it require a rocket scientist to figure out that the shares are being manipulated and the SEC is fast asleep ?

Does it require the angst of the entire country to get such a point that the SEC has too be dismantles and the whole thing started all over again ?

Is there anyone awake at the SEC ?????

Just follow and implement the NIPC's petition and right the ship before we all go down.....

Arun V. Someshwar, Ph. D.