Subject: File No. 4-540
From: M.T.D.

May 29, 2009

Just wanted to let the SEC know that I just completed a letter that was addressed to President Obama's personal email and copied to Tim Geithner as well as Ben Bernanke concerning a long overdue issue of concern for "we the people" in regards to the amendment rule 2520 as implemented by the SEC in 2001.

I had waited for just the right time and believe that now more than ever, is just that time – to where the government is considering an oversight committee to oversee the actions of the SEC due in no small part to their past incompetence regarding multiple instances of everything from fraud to unfair trade restrictions — as is the case with this rule.

Let this serve as a letter from the general population stating our outrage at the Rule2520 that prohibits day trading unless you have over $25,000 in any one account. This principle undermines the rights of any new investor and steals from the freedoms we have grown to enjoy as a United States for far too long. I am including the link that led me to this action (amongst many others – to include multiple new ad campaigns at bringing this information to the public’s eye — where it truly belongs).

Please feel free to ignore this — just as you have chosen to ignore all past complaints.
I am 100% positive that change is coming — and that it is now on the horizon and most certainly will occur — regardless of your current actions.
Good day and enjoy your job while it is still yours.