From: Eric Connors
Sent: June 19, 2007
Subject: File # 4538


I will make this brief. I have posted my comments before.

Regarding the re-evaluation of 12B-1 fees, I want to state that I have conducted my practice since 1973. I do not mass market and I invest an enormous amount of time with fewer clients helping them with all aspects of servicing their mutual funds.

Were it not for 12b-1 fees it would be impossible for me to provide the multiplicity of services that are of extreme value to clients. It seems the argument is that they were intended for "marketing". Please understand that client service is "marketing". A satisfied customer leads to referrals. But most important is the fact that clients can rest assured in the knowledge that caring professionals can meet their financial needs with quality performance and without time restraint.

The 12 B -1 fees provide the opportunity and privilege to invest my time in meeting the needs of clients.

I trust you recognize how much time one invests with a client and their family members at the time of death ? The servicing requirements are significant - transfer letters, documentation, re-titling of shares, spousal IRA transfers, RMD's, wire orders, ACH transfers, systematic redemptions, etc. etc.

The amount of servicing necessary for "retirees" to re-balance their investments, monitor lifestyle changes and accommodate and conform their mutual fund portfolios to meet their ever-changing needs.

I could go on and on ... but the bottom line for me is that if 12 B-1 fees are terminated or modified in any significant manner I cannot afford to provide servicing to my clients and I will have lost a base of income that I have worked hard to maintain and service for 25 years. At age 58 you are not as marketable ... and you rely on the base of your existing clients .. I had hoped that I could devote myself and my time to providing quality, experienced and knowledgeable assistance and service to folks with whom I have developed a lifelong relationship.

Elimination of these "service or marketing fees" will most likely force me to terminate my business activity and thus end my career of 35 years. This is how important the 12 b-1 fees are to me and the significance to the continuation of my ongoing practice.

I submit these perhaps disjointed comments respectfully and with utmost seriousness.

Eric Connors
Mutual Service Corp
Rep # 643