From: Mary Centa
Sent: June 19, 2007
Subject: File Number 4-538 Re 12b-1 Fees

To The Members of the SEC Commission:

I am contacting you regarding File number 4-538, and to let you know of my support for elimination of mutual fund 12b-1 fees.

In 2003, I invested in several mutual funds with a representative of Edward Jones. When I asked if the recommended funds were the "best" that I could invest in, that representative, (and later, a subsequent Edward Jones representative) assured me that I would be in "best" performing funds (of course, with no guarantees) and maintained that they "didn't know anything" about no-load fund investments compared with the "preferred fund family mutual funds" recommended over all other mutual funds by Edward Jones representatives. At the same time, I was led to believe that load funds offered by Edward Jones were a far superior alternative to no-load funds. Later, in early 2005, when I inquired about the SEC revenue-sharing case against Edward Jones and 12b-1 fees, I was informed that my representative couldn't discuss the SEC case, and that 12b-1 fees were necessary for ongoing advising costs, office maintenance, and account statement postage and mailing costs. However, since 2005, I have not heard a peep from Edward Jones representatives (other than account statements) about what might be helpful to me by reviewing my asset allocation, or rebalancing my account. Interestingly, since 2005, I have had to initiate any contact with Edward Jones regarding my account.

Because of my unfortunate experience with Edward Jones, I've been left to my own devices to discern whether or not load funds with 12b-1 fees are in my long-term, best interest. Ultimately, my research and investigation into no-load mutual funds compared with load funds sold to me by Edward Jones representatives has led me to believe that investing in load funds with 12b-1 fees has not been in my best long-term interest. Although you have heard from many individuals who enjoy 12b-1 fee reimbursement, I am requesting that 12b-1 fees be eliminated, and complete transparency about mutual fund fees and expenses be made available to the public. Itís simply the right thing to do.

Thank you for considering my request.


Mary Centa
Denver, CO