From: Robert T. Corrado
Sent: June 18, 2007
Subject: File No. 4-538

Dear Madam or Sir:

Regardless of what the original intent for 12b-1 fees was, they have now evolved into a service charge which is paid to financial advisors to help customers manage investments.

I have been a financial advisor for over twenty years, and believe me, much of my time is devoted to serving mutual fund clients. Account maintenance, redemptions, additions, name changes, transfers to trusts or family members, and sometimes the death of the account holders are all activities I perform daily. I feel I should be paid for these services.

I am not a RIA and therefore do not charge my clients fees for service or for my advice regarding their investment needs. Customers require investment advice long after they have made their initial purchase(s) of mutual funds. I feel my advice has value as well.

I strongly urge you to allow financial advisors, as myself, to continue to receive payments via 12b-1 charges, for the service we provide. These fees are a lot less than the fee- based advisors charge their clients.

Thank you for considering my opinion.

Sincerely yours,

Robert T. Corrado
Mutual Securities, Inc.
Sonora, CA 95370