Subject: File No.4-538

August 13, 2007

Dear Ms. Morris:

Ms. Morris:

I've been an insurance agent and a mutual funds salesman for a little over 29 years.

I receive MANY calls every week, month, year, from my customers seeking advice and service. I'm there for them and they can count on that. Many of my clients are very thankful and greatful for my continued service (especially those who panicked and were about to "jump ship " after 9/11 .But because they had someone to SIT down with to advice and give direction,they are happy and thankful. They DID NOT want just a 800 number to call. When a person is sick,they don't want to talk to their doctor on the phone. They want to be seen and taken care of personally!

Doing away with trail commissions (12b-1) is not the answer. Customers would pay in some other form if trails were eliminated.

I don't get complaints from my customers. I am for full disclosure. Being 'UP FRONT' with people is what it's all about. Work on disclosure, not doing away with 12b-1 fees.


F.W. Snoddy