Subject: File No.4-538

August 8, 2007

Dear Ms. Morris:

I am writing in regards to the recent discussion on the 12-b1 fees and the position the SEC has on eliminating these fees. I am strongly against the reduction of these fees, as this is the only compensation many of us ever recieve on services to existing clients. Without the trail commissions from these accounts, we would be unable to give these clients the proper service for name changes in the event of marriage, divorce, or death, change or add beneficiaries, or answer any questions the clents have when the market is making them nervous, just to name a few instances. These clients would then be forced to pay someone else to take care of routine maintenance on their accounts, which we are able to do thanks to the trail commissions we recieve.

For these reasons, I am urging the SEC to reject any proposals to eliminate or reduce payment of the 12b-1 fees that compensate representatives who are providing these valuable services.

Thank you for allowing me to share my views.


Laura Schultz
Registered Representative,
NIS Financial Services, Inc.