Subject: SEC Review of Rule 12b-1

August 8, 2007


I know we live in an E-mail world and hope you have a chance to personally read this. Reps need to be paid for on going service. Have you ever had a client review, where you look at all a clients assets and decide if any rebalancing needs to be performed. Have you had to look at changes in a clients life and decide that one or more funds simply are not appropriate anymore. Have you had to research a fund to explain to the client why the fund is performing the way it is. Recommending a fund. selling it and walking away is not how a professional financial advisor does his job. They are continually servicing the clients accounts. We need and deserve to get paid for this. 12 B-1 fees are one way we can get paid and should be left alone. If you take you car to the mechanic and he fixes it, you pay him. If you take it back next year and he fixes it again you pay him again. All other service businesses work this way. I hope you see that the investor needs to pay for continue service. I appreciate your time. David Langner