From: Gina Duryea
Sent: June 13, 2007
Subject: 12b1 fees

Please be careful in how you rule on this. Many middle stream America clients, who are already ignored by the wirehouses, will lose their representatives. If a rep isn't somehow compensated for taking the time to serve these clients' needs, that will go away. As regulators, your job is to protect the client. How, then will you protect middle America from losing their advisors??? No one has the time to work for nothing and taking away these fees will hurt the people you so intend to protect. We are splitting hairs here.........does it really matter what the funds are used for? What matters is that the client is better off in the long run and serviced better. Additionally, these fees help keep the ethics in our business. You take them away and only intise the RRs to churn, something as b/d's we need help preventing and this would certainly not be a move in the right direction.


Gina Duryea
CEO/Registered Principal
Pension Planners Securities, Inc