From: George Lambrix
Sent: July 16, 2007
Subject: File No. 4-538

I recently heard the SEC was considering the elimination of 12b-1 fees. Nothing could be more detrimental to the great majority of investors. Good advisors provide a significant amount of advice on a regular basis. In most instances the small amount of 12b-1 renumeration is the only compensation received for those efforts. Without knowledgeable advice many investors would make significant errors that would cost them dramatically more then any small 12b-1 fee. Please think of the big picture and the long term benefits to the investors. Anyone who believes elimination of advisor compensation for client support does not have any understanding of the how things work. Thank You.......

George Lambrix, CLU
Chartered Financial Consultant
1700 Soscol Ave., Suite #24
Napa, CA 94559