From: Donald K. Kirk
Sent: July 16, 2007
Subject: File No. 4-538


Dear Ms Morris: I have been a licensed insurance professional and a mutual funds salesperson for over 20 years. In return for ongoing service and advice to my clients I receive trailing compensation much in the way that insurance agents receive renewal compensation. This trailing compensation is typically paid under a written plan adopted to SEC rule 12b-1. This compensation amount is relatively modest; for $10,000. investment into "A" shares it is approximately $25.00. I feel my service to my clients is very important and I believe the elimination of the 12b-1 fees would do considerable harm to those investors who need and want ongoing investment planning advice and counsel. My clients are aware of the 12b-1 charges and the purpose of the charges. ( I do agree that full disclosure of these fees are important for all parties.) I cannot understand why Mr Cox and others with the SEC feel that I shouldn't be fully compensated for doing my job. I have significant expenses in licensed staff, office building etc., so that we can properly serve our clients. I must receive adequate revenues to offset these expenses. I am urging the SEC to reject to eliminate or restrict the payment of 12b-1 fees to registered reps for providing continued service to their clients. Thank you for your consideration of my views on this subject.

Donald K. Kirk, CLU, ChFC #51685
Financial Representative
311 W. Washington; Pittsfield, IL 62363