From: Johnathan T. West
Sent: July 9, 2007
Subject: File No. 4-538

Keeping the 12b1 fee keeps a perfect balance for everyone. For the client it gives them the opportunity to buy funds that are managed by both the portfolio manager at the fund company and the registered Representative that helped them in to the investment. The 12b1 fee encourages growth in the fund. As a Registered Representative my trails are subject to the growth in the funds I place my clients in. It's part of my encouragement to be a good steward for my clients. It also helps pay the postage, the secretary to file the statements and keeps our doors open. My fear is that if we do away with the 12b1 fee, what fee will replace it? It takes money to make money and no one can work for free. Does it mean higher sales charges? Does it do away with class B shares? Does it mean more desperate advisers encouraging clients to change fund companies in attempt to earn commissions. Keep the integrity of the business, it's producers, clients and companies. Keep the 12b1 fee!


Johnathan T. West
American National Multi-Line Assistant General Agent