Subject: SEC Review of Rule 12b-1

July 6, 2007

I am writing to explain my concerns about the SEC's possible elimination of 12b-1 fees.

I have been serving clients since 1993. I have continued to upgrade my education and knowledge to be able to provide better financial planning to my clients. In 2006 I received my CFP(r)after one year of daily study and sitting for the two day examination. I am currently working on another certification for the benefit of our clients.

We have a large group of middle class clients who purchased A shares years ago and still need help today. The 12b-1 fees help us recover some the costs of servicing clients needs today, years after the initial purchase.

This has not been an easy business. After 13 years I still outstanding business debt for our building, equipment, and a line of credit for the tougher times. Sometimes as a group, members of the investment community are stereotyped as wealthy, well to do, sales people who sell something to a client and move on down the road to the next sale never to see the client again. In reality most of us are hard working people who put our clients interests first, and then continue to serve them for many years. Our business is all about the client and helping them reach their goals. That happens over a long period of time, not just one time at the "purchase" of an investment.

I hope you will consider leaving the 12b-1 fee in place. It does help us recover some of the costs associated with taking care of our clients over the long haul.


Wayne Cranfill

Allan Wayne Cranfill CFP(r), Registered Rep
VSR Financial Services, Inc