From: Mike Weaver
Sent: July 9, 2007
Subject: File No. 4-538

Dear Mrs. Morris:
I have been a licensed mutual fund sales person and insurance agent in SC for 19 years.

I am, and have been paid commissions under compensation agreements compliant with SEC rule 12b-1. The amount of compensation is very modest (1/4 of 1% of assets) and is quite modest in exchange for the services rendered to clients. These fees don't cover the "cost of doing business" when things like postage, and office supplies are taken into consideration. The cost of maintaining a computer, staying current on investment trends, and advising clients about how to adjust their portfolio are all expenses directly related to each client. It is my opinion that most customers prefer dealing with me (rather than an 800 number to the fund company) when it comes to questions, advice, having a relationship developed over years, and someone trusted to share concerns about investment performances. Paying fee based advisors is a much costlier alternative to much of the consumers saving money.

For these reasons, I urge the SEC to reject proposals that restrict or eliminate 12b-1 fees to representatives and agents. Thank you for reading my views.

Mike Weaver