From: Alan M. Poole
Sent: May 13, 2006
Subject: File No. 4-519

Dear SEC:

What "Pink Sheets LLC." does not realize is that their proposal is severely detrimental to many of those who earn a living working on legitimate IR/PR campaigns.

Pink Sheets is pushing too hard for their own agenda while ignoring the IR industry as a whole.
Their "Pink Sheets Introduces OTCQX" is another example of their self directed agenda for the OTC.

People's livelihoods and jobs are at stake with these restraints being proposed by Pink Sheets while they are the only ones who will actually profit by them.

Illegal, nefarious, and non-sanctioned stock promotions will always be out circulating in the wild and is simply a symptom of our imperfect world. This will never change, unless the government has a way of lobotomizing all soon-to-be criminals before they become criminals.

Pink Sheets in their self-appointed role as the watchdog for all investors has suggested a change that impedes the efficiency and function of ALL Investor Relations and Public Relations firms that work legitimately to get the word out on their clients stocks/issues

I would think the SEC focus should be on policing and enforcement and NOT a focus for impeding or constraining the legitimate.

These are simply some thoughts on a proposal, that on the surface seems straightforward enough, but in reality and upon a closer look has far reaching implications.


Alan M Poole