From: Victoria Stanford
Sent: September 26, 2006
Subject: File No. 4-519

Sec File No. 4-519

Will there be a reporting form for shareholders to report their concerns about ?illegal stock promotions?

Michael Schaffer and Jeff Siegal of The Green Chip Review are pumping stock. The latest is one that trades on the TSX-Lateegra Gold Corp. Whether they were hired by Lateegra or not? who knows. They make it easy to figure out which stock it is without signing up for their membership, then they pump it up and tell their subscribers to sell and the stock takes a dive. Of course there is a disclaimer at the bottom, but they do not say whether they hold stock or not or whether they are being paid by the company in question to advertise its strengths.

Please see XSNX on the OTCBB. That stock was pumped by their newsletter, went all the way to @2.50 and is trading now in the 50 cent range. I am sure it will go lower. I receive a lot of spam type newletters, and I can tell you which ones are pumping stock.

Thank you

Victoria Stanford