From: Gary D Whitson
Sent: September 18, 2006
Subject: File No. 4-519

hopefully you will pass the new rule regulating promoters.there should also be one for regulating companies such as raven moon (rvem) from issuing a lot of stock then when they get their money they do a huge reverse split.this is a common practice with raven moon.the latest news is that they have authorized and issued to them selves 5 billion shares of restricted common 12 months when they can trade this stuff they'll sell out all their holdings and then authorize another reverse split.(they surely won't authorize a reverse split while they hold these stocks.)they have another reverse becoming effective sept 20.200 for 1.

they just authorized a huge offering a few months ago and it's already splitting.there has got to be something wrong with the way they are doing business,issuing huge offerings and then splitting them.their stock always drops drastically after a split,right back to around .0001 or so.can you fix these kind of problems?or do they have free rein to screw their common stock holders.


Gary D Whitson