From: Ivan
Sent: September 11, 2006
Subject: File No. 4-519

To: Nancy Morris

I have read about this Rule on the Pink Sheets web site. It seems very good but what are you really going to do in practice to stop the numerous spam mail that this Rule attempts to control? I have been getting several of these spam emails daily for the last 3 years ever since I looked up some sites to lean about trading and follow some stocks. The claims of stocks increasing up to 10 times in a week are ridiculous. I have checked out one year of these predictions and found only about in 8 made a profit Ė a child could do a better selection by throwing darts at a names on a board. I dare not request my name be removed from the originators of this spam as I donít believe it will stop and I believe they will sell the mailing list of replies to other spammers. I still donít invest because I donít know who or what to believe. What can I do?